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The 4 μL sample – Advances in Allergy Testing

The Pain Point:

Large sample sizes are outdated. Unnecessarily large sample sizes can result in higher interference rates, higher levels of QNS, and inhibit lab growth.


Take away points:

Small sample size testing is now routine in other industries (infectious/cardiovascular disease). Research supports the repeatability and within-laboratory precision for the NOVEOS fluidics system 4 uL sample size. Small sample size also has direct impact on reducing other interferences with a 7% reaction volume versus the 20% reaction volume typical with other manufacturers.


Benefits of small sample size: 

  • Reduced interferences

  • Enables use of new blood collection technologies including at-home sample collection

  • More testing done on a single sample while minimizing QNS episodes

  • Specific benefits for pediatric patients, who represent 40% of the allergy testing population. 

NOVEOS uses 1/10th the sample size which can increase efficiency for labs and reduce costs associated with dead volume.


New sample collection methods and remote collection of blood samples is an opportunity explore new markets, reach more patients, and attract more tests.

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