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Allergy Solutions

 Solving shortcomings of current technologies

Knowing your allergy triggers is smart

Getting an accurate allergy
diagnosis is empowering.

At HYCOR, we believe that people with an allergy improve their quality of life when they know exactly what is causing their symptoms.

The large sample volume of legacy test methods impacts the lab and beyond.

  • It seems a little thing, but for pediatric patients it’s really a big thing.

  • Current allergy testing systems for pediatrics are not ideal.

Doing more allergy tests with less sample benefits everyone.

The 4 μL
sample size
is a


The new standard to limit the impact of interference

Biotin interference is seen in competitive assay designs

False negative results are dangerous when anaphylaxis causing allergens are not detected!

False positive results
are not acceptable!

No solid-phase related
CCD Interference with
paramagnetic Microparticles

Getting the

matters to
make reliable clinical decisions.

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