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Discover HYCOR

HYCOR Biomedical, LLC.

Improving Patient Quality of Life through More Accurate Diagnostic Allergy Testing

HYCOR Biomedical is a global manufacturer and supply of high-quality in vitro diagnostic products for blood testing for allergies. The company has 4 locations in California, USA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paris, France and Gottingen, Germany.

At HYCOR, we believe that people with an allergy improve their quality of life when they know exactly what is causing their symptoms. Defining the underlying allergens is key! We empower physicians, laboratories, and patients with accurate allergy test results from a new standard of assays designed to limit the impact of interference and reduce operational costs through improved efficiency.

NOVEOS, designed with your lab in mind 
HYCOR proudly presents the NOVEOS® system, the NEW STANDARD in allergy testing solving shortcomings of current technologies. NOVEOS is ideal for mid to high volume laboratories that routinely test for specific IgE. It requires only 4-μL sample size per test, reduces lack-of sample errors, resampling and patient trauma. The advanced micro-particle technology limits interference from: Biotin, IgG / IgG4, and Solid-phase related cross-reactive carbohydrate determinant (CCD) binding. NOVEOS offers high sensitivity, excellent low-end precision and operates for up to 13 hours of true walk-away capability

Pinpoint your true allergy triggers with NOVEOS!

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