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Small Sample Allergy Testing

Doing more allergy tests with less sample benefits patients and labs. It seems like a little thing, but for pediatric patients, it’s really a big thing.

A NOVEOS™ System can run
10x more tests with the same
sample current systems use

  • Allergy profile typically has 10 - 35 tests per patient

  • Current Allergy instruments use 40 - 50 µL of sample  per specific IgE (sIgE) test

  • NOVEOS sIgE uses only 4 µL of serum per test

  • Reflex component allergen testing will exacerbate sample shortages (Quantity Not Sufficient, QNS)

Less sample per test improves the experience of patients and permits follow-up testing with fewer re-draws!

The 4 μL Sample Size is a Breakthrough

Benefits of avoiding
Quantity Not Sufficient
(QNS) Occurrences

  • Improving the patient experience while increasing management and testing efficiency

  • Errors occur with 2 – 10% of samples in allergy labs, and it’s more frequent in pediatric-focused labs.

  • QNS incidents cause an incomplete patient report, resulting in an incomplete picture for the clinician. 

  • Reduces the need for test prioritization by clinicians and laboratorians

  • Reduces the need for additional office visits which cause lost productivity

  • Reduces trauma for the patient and parent of a child of having another blood draw

  • Reduce the potential loss of revenue for the laboratory

“We try to perform all the requested tests while avoiding
the trauma of another venipuncture.” 

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