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At HYCOR we are eager to help laboratories and healthcare systems by providing them with high-quality COVID-19 testing. With quick and accurate tests, patients are able to receive the healthcare and treatment they need.

In response to COVID-19 outbreak, HYCOR Biomedical partners with NaGene Diagnosis who has developed the Multiple Real-Time PCR kit for Detection of 2019-nCoV.

Benefits of NaGene Direct PCR

One-Step RT-PCR

  • No need for RNA extraction and purification of nucleic acids

  • Reduces the risk of exposure


  • Triple PLEX PCR Amplification Technique: Detection of ORF1ab gene, N gene, and Internal Control

Simple Process

  • Collect the samples with the swab

  • Insert the swab in NaGene’s preservation solution tube

  • Add sample from the preservation solution tube to the PCR tube and mix with the lysis buffer

  • Add PCR mix into the PCR tube

  • Place the PCR tube into the thermocycler

  • Amplification of ORF1ab gene, N gene and Internal Control  


“An attractive alternative
to  extraction based qRT-PCR”

National Institute for Public Health
and the Environment (RIVM).
The Netherlands. 

Product Specifications

Sample Type:

  • Throat Swab

  • Sputum

Pack Includes:

  • 48 Test / Box

  • Preservation Solution tube

Turnaround Time:

  • Process 96 samples in approximately
    80 minutes

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