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Bucket Chemistry White Papers

Allergy testing on the NOVEOS™ Immunoassay System:

Moving beyond “Bucket Chemistry”


Intended to help laboratorians and clinicians understand the systematic approach that HYCOR® Biomedical utilizes to identify vendors with consistent processes.


The Pain Point:

The key to moving beyond “bucket chemistry” in allergy testing is to tightly control the sourcing, analysis and performance testing of the extracts used.


Take away points:

  • Not all source material is created equal! The importance of batch to batch consistency to assure reliable results.

  • HYCOR Allergen Characterization process and standards

  • Testing conducted at HYCOR for each allergen to ensure that new lots of material are qualified according to their reference standards: Analytical Testing and Performance Evaluation results.

Additional White Papers for Download

Two more white papers coming soon!

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