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Microparticle Allergy Testing

The assay design, small sample size, and vast surface area of paramagnetic microparticles provide superior capacity to minimize interference and non-specific binding.

Streptavidin microparticles
with magnetic iron core

Microparticle Technology

  • Each test contains more than 35 million high capacity paramagnetic microparticles (Fluo Bead™):

    • Provides a vast surface area 

    • Has a high binding capacity 

    • Allows the use of 4 µL sample volume

    • Leads to excellent performance and accurate results

Proven Microparticle-Based
Chemistry for Allergy
  1. Unaffected by assay design interferences

  2. Patented dual signal

  3. Proprietary customized menu

  4. Minimal QNS and interfering material

  5. Proven ultrasensitive detection