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The latest issue of Spectra Diagnostic is out!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In the interview he mentions the NOVEOS® system by HYCOR: a new generation of instrument making it possible to propose major developments in the diagnosis of allergic symptoms.

The NOVEOS system, is the NEW STANDARD in allergy testing solving shortcomings of current technologies. NOVEOS is ideal for mid to high volume laboratories that routinely test for specific IgE. It requires only 4-μL sample size per test, reduces lack-of sample errors, resampling and patient trauma. The advanced micro-particle technology limits interference from: Biotin, IgG / IgG4, and Solid-phase related cross-reactive carbohydrate determinant (CCD) binding. NOVEOS offers high sensitivity, excellent low-end precision and operates for up to 13 hours of true walk-away capability.

In this interview Xavier JENTET explains how this new revolution with the NOVEOS® system allows us to makes it possible to respond to the challenges faced by laboratories and clinical practices in the diagnosis of allergies.

"We are convinced that our new technology will provide laboratories and clinicians with more precision in the diagnosis of allergies. We thus hope to improve the quality of life of patients who in France, Europe and all over the world are more and more likely to suffer from allergic symptoms." concludes Xavier.

Contact : HYCOR France – 5 rue de Castiglione – 75001 Paris

Tel +33 1 30 46 75 21 – Email :


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