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Decrease Labor
Increase Production

The value of flexible staff allocation

NOVEOS™ System Walk-Away Capacity


Manual System Preparation:

  • 13 mins(1)

  • Clean-up(2)

  • Fill/Load wash

  • Load reagents

  • Load cuvettes

  • Load samples

  • Maintenance

Auto Work (Pre-run):

  • 29 mins

  • Auto daily maintenance(3)

  • Auto priming

  • Auto programming

Auto Work (Post-run):

  • 6 mins

  • Auto rinse

  • Auto close down

  1. Assumes the NOVEOS System is directly connected to deionized water lines and waste lines; add 5 minutes to manually fill rinse or empty waste.

  2. Clean-up: unload samples, controls, diluent, and cuvettes from previous run (if applicable)

  3. Requires a manual menu input to start the automatic maintenance that takes 17 minutes 27 seconds to complete

  4. Data on File 2019 NOVEOS Workflow study conducted by Implementation Partners LLC, Alpharetta, Georgia

Reallocation of
Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
during Walk-Away Time

With a few manual steps and with the NOVEOS smart software guiding the reagent loading, your staff is available quickly to work on other projects while the instrument processes the run.

Less Labor means
more Productivity
  • The labor component represents the greatest potential in the cost improvement in a laboratory.

  • The ease-of-use and automation simplifies staff assignments and maximizes productivity.

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