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Seen in competitive
assay designs

Figure 1: IMMULITE 3G Allergy (2)

Immulite 3G Allergy sIgE
False Negative
Results due to Biotin

IMMULITE 3G Allergy assay is a competitive assay design, where biotin interference occurs when the patient sample and the biotinylated analyte are co-incubated with the assay-specific antibody or antigen-coated polystyrene beads (the solid phase) (2).

Figure 1: IMMULITE 3G Allergy shows a significant negative bias as concentrations of biotin in the samples increase with all samples reporting as negative (<0.35 kU/L).

Results unaffected
by Biotin(1)

In non-competitive indirect assays like the NOVEOS assay, the biotinylated- protein is initially bound to the streptavidin-coated solid phase, followed by incubation with patient sample. Any biotin in the sample, therefore, does not compete for binding. 

Figure 2: NOVEOS specific IgE assay (3) shows minimal bias with all samples retaining their positive values (≥0.35 kU/L).

  1. Data on File.

  2. IMMULITE 3G Directions for Use – pull reference from the white paper

  3. The NOVEOS Immunoassay System and NOVEOS Capture
    Reagent D001 and D002 are CE-marked and U.S. FDA 510(k) cleared.

Figure 2: NOVEOS Assay (3)

The New Standard
in specific IgE testing,
solving shortcomings
of current technologies.

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