Improving the patient experience while increasing management and testing efficiency

 Errors occur with 2 – 10% of samples in allergy labs, and it’s more frequent in paediatric-focused labs.3 

QNS incidents cause an incomplete patient report, resulting in an incomplete picture for the clinician. 

Benefits of Avoiding QNS Occurrence:

  • Reduces the need for test prioritization by clinicians and laboratorians

  • Reduces the need for additional office visits which cause lost productivity

  • Reduces trauma for the patient and parent of a child of having another blood draw

  • Reduce the potential loss of revenue for the laboratory

The New Standard
in allergy testing,
solving shortcomings
in current technologies.

Doing more allergy tests
with less sample
benefits patients and labs.
It seems like a little thing,
but for pediatric patients,
it’s really a big thing.

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