Run 10x more tests with only 4 µL

A routine allergy test request of the most common allergens (10 inhalants and 10 foods) can be performed with significantly less sample with the NOVEOS System. Less sample per test improves the experience of patients and permits follow-up testing with fewer redraws!

Run 10x more tests with only 4 µL

  • A NOVEOS™ System can run 10x more tests with the same sample current systems use

  • Allergy profile typically has 10 - 35 tests per patient

  • Current Allergy instruments use 40 - 50 µL of sample  per specific IgE (sIgE) test

  • NOVEOS sIgE uses only 4 µL of serum per test

  • Reflex component allergen testing will exacerbate sample shortages (Quantity Not Sufficient, QNS)

The New Standard
in allergy testing,
solving shortcomings
in current technologies.

Doing more allergy tests
with less sample
benefits patients and labs.
It seems like a little thing,
but for pediatric patients,
it’s really a big thing.

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