HYCOR systems are designed to address common issues that laboratorians face with current technologies.

NOVEOS is ideal for mid-to-high volume laboratories processing routine allergy testing. 

  • Employing microparticles

  • Chemiluminescence

  • Liquid ready-to-use reagent,

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NOVEOS Allergen Product List

NOVEOS System Specs Flyer

HYTEC 288 Plus

Perfect for small to medium-sized labs, and proven throughout the U.S. and Europe, HYTEC® 288 Plus is a fully automated system that offers a broad menu of Allergy tests, including insects and animals, food, occupational and environmental allergens. Staff spend less time operating the system, giving them more time to spend on other important tasks. It also comes with a broad menu of support services, including operator training.

Available for Download

HYTEC Allergen Product List

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