HYTEC 288 Plus

What Makes the HYTEC 288 Plus Exceptional?

Comprehensive and seamless operation, perfectly suited for the challenging needs of Allergy testing. You can run up to 50 samples and 288 tests per run for Allergy testing. The HYTEC 288 Plus provides the convenience of 30-day calibration curve storage. User-defined open channels allow the instrument to be used with non-HYCOR tests and for both tube and microplate EIA test develop- ment.

User-customized test panels can be created, including setup of allergen and antigen testing order. True “walk- away” automation frees up staff for other laboratory duties. Windows-based software simplifies operation and enhances workflow management, data management and reporting of results. The HYTEC 288 Plus includes a bidirectional interface and a modem enabling remote diagnostics for simple adjustment and repair. An interface package compatible with ASTM protocols and technical consultation with LIMS providers is also available.

Product Specifications:

Part No. 74000P
Description: HYTEC 288 Plus for Allergy

Includes Allergy Racks, Bottles, Blocks and Accessories, Computer with Windows 7, Monitor and HYTEC 288 Plus

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